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First and foremost, I am terribly, terribly sorry for being absent as of late. I'm had major family stuff happening lately, and I had to make an emergency trip out of town last week. I got back yesterday, but things have no doubt been hectic. So, forgive me, please.

So, with that said. I want to welcome the new members we have. =] I'm very happy to see this community growing, slowly, but surely.

Also, I'm proud to say that we have an affiliate of sorts. Some of you may know, but there is a Joel fansite out there that is absolutely incredible. It is Joel Edgerton Online. It is run by the fantastic Eowyn, who is like a saviour to all us Joel fans. =] I've found many sites that feature a section about him, but not a (good) site with it based sole on him. So yea, JEO is our new affiliate. Please go and join the message board and partake in all the goodness that is JEO. [Button and link will be on the info page within the next day or two.]

So, that concludes this MOD post. Thank you all of you who have stuck this little community, I really appreciate it.
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