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*Waves* Hi! My name’s Sarah, I’m from Adelaide Australia (yes the same country as Joel *swoon*)

Um, I’ve been a huge fan of Joel for a long time, well before KA, but let’s face it girls, isn’t he just amazing in that movie?! I’ve been fortunate enough to watch Joel on TV (Secret Life of Us) and also hear his gorgeous voice over for the Pedigree Dog Add.

I have quite a few of Joel’s movies: King Arthur, Star Wars 2, Erskineville Kings, Ned Kelly, The Night We Called It A Day and The Hard Word. (I’ve been trying to track down a few of his earlier movies, but they’re hard to get, even is Australia!)

I can do screen caps from any of those movies if anyone wants.

So yeah, that’s me, HUGE Joel fan just like the rest of you!

Take care.
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